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I think that a country that has developed with Bitcoin as a currency may become a country that posse

It seems that the other day, a bill to make Bitcoin a legal tender was passed in Central Africa. It seems to be the first time in Africa.

There may be various speculations, but it is said that it has been adopted because it is more stable than its own currency, has many users, and has high liquidity .

In the future, if the number of countries, companies, and individuals who adopt Bitcoin increases, and the Bitcoin economic zone develops and the value of Bitcoin rises, the countries that are already using Bitcoin as legal tender will be. It will develop a lot.

Not to mention the development of infrastructure and entertainment, defense spending to protect the developed country will also rise.

I think it's no wonder that the defense budget gives us the option of owning nuclear weapons.


・ There is no need to rely on the dollar (including the currencies of major powers), and there is no need to look at the complexion of the United States.

・ Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine proved that the nuclear-weapon states would not help even if they chose not to have nuclear weapons.

There are two.

The first is [no need to depend on the dollar (including the currency of a large country) and no need to look at the complexion of the United States etc.], but if Bitcoin can turn the economy of the home country, the original currency of the home country Is weak and you don't have to rely on the currencies of other big powers

In other words, it is completely financially independent.

If that happens, it is highly likely that the countries that have provided support (currency lending) will not be willing to help no matter what. It will be a country with no connection anymore.

In that case, it is necessary to protect your own country only by the power of your own country.

At that time, I think it would be safe to move to possess nuclear weapons, which is the ultimate deterrence.

Secondly, for another reason, this can be seen by looking at the current state of Ukraine rather than the text I write.

What is happening to Ukraine, which once possessed nuclear weapons, and what is happening to the country that have abandoned nuclear weapons on the condition of cooperation in their own defenses, and what is happening to their people now?

If a small country that sees the current situation in Ukraine develops with Bitcoin in the future, I think it is no wonder that it moves to possess nuclear weapons in the name of protecting the people.

Based on the above points, I think it is safe for countries that have developed with Bitcoin to move to possess nuclear weapons even if they do not have a large amount of possessions.

I think that a country that has developed with Bitcoin as a currency may become a country that possesses nuclear weapons in the future.

~ Digression ~

There are movements around the world to abolish nuclear weapons, but if it were a world where nuclear weapons were gone, I think it would be a world where more vulgar weapons than nuclear weapons came out.



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