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Polygon, a blockchain that boasts unparalleled speed in terms of processing speed and other factors.

Various companies are recently developing their services on this polygon chain.

And MATIC, which is used for remittance fees (gas fees) on this polygon chain, has an issuance limit.

MCSC is a project that aims to increase the scarcity and value of MATICs by collecting these MATICs on a daily basis, storing the collected MATICs, and operating the collected MATICs with the profits from their operation.







・To increase the rarity of MATIC by collecting and storing MATIC.


・Increase the overall value of NFTs on the Polygon chain by increasing the scarcity and value of MATICs.


・To support the Polygon Chain NFTs by purchasing them with the profits from the operation (staking, etc.) of a part of the collected MATICs.






Holding amount




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