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[MCSC#6]I think it's only a matter of time before the NFTs on the polygon chain get branded.

“Can we leave the EHT chain and maintain the brand value?”

This is an opinion about NFTs that left the ETH chain that I saw on Twitter before.

Indeed, the NFTs mentioned are the basic ETH chains.

It is also convinced that brand power, that is, trust and value.

Then, what is the thing that supports the brand power of the ETH chain?

Is it because it's one of the oldest chains? Because ETH is the second largest currency by market capitalization?

There are various reasons, but I think one of the big reasons is the high cost of gas.

When issuing and selling NFTs, a fee (gas fee) will be charged.

The ETH chain is very expensive for this gas.

That's why NFTs can't be issued unnecessarily, so there are few suspicious NFTs.

However, if that is the case, we believe that the NFTs on the polygon chain will likely become more valuable than the NFTs on the ETH chain as branding progresses.

This is because there is an issue upper limit for MATIC, which is used for polygon chain gas charges.

The more people who own it, the more valuable MATIC becomes. The more valuable the gas, the more expensive it will be.

If that happens, there is a high possibility that it will become an environment where NFT cannot be issued recklessly like the current ETH.

If that happens, there is a high possibility that the NFT of the polygon chain will also be branded.

So, if you make an NFT with a polygon chain now, won't it become more valuable as the polygon is branded and antiqued over time?

If high gas prices support the brand value of NFTs on the ETH chain, I think it's only a matter of time before NFTs on the polygon chain are also branded.



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