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[MCSC#1 EN] planning a project to collect MATIC

currently creating a new project and NFT.

[MCSC#1 EN] planning a project to collect MATIC

The name of the project is "MATIC collect secret club (MCSC)".

The main purpose of this project is to collect MATIC and increase the rarity of MATIC.

The reason why we are starting this project now is because OpenSea has made NFT trading of MATIC possible and made it easier to obtain MATIC through NFT.

The details will be explained in a special page to be created in the future, but we plan to seal a portion of the MATIC obtained through this project in a hardware wallet, operate a portion of it through staking and other means, and use the profits to fund the operation and publicity of this project.

The MATIC that will be sealed in the hardware wallet will be made available to the public as needed so that third parties can verify that it is properly sealed.

The project will issue and sell NFTs, but will also develop other services.

Therefore, the creation of the NFT will be one of MCSC's many services.

However, we would like to create this NFT not as a mere illustration, but in a way that can add benefits to the ownership of the NFT in the future.

This is a rough report of the current status.

We will gradually assemble the feature pages, so please look forward to future reports.

We have also decided on a Twitter hashtag for this project.

The hashtag for this project on Twitter has also been decided. [#MCSCPolygon]

We will use this hashtag when we talk about this project on Twitter.

[This article uses machine translation.]



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