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Buy PAX GOLD at NEXO and earn interest with GORD

Recently, I started to buy PAX GOLD at NEXO.

Buy PAX GOLD at NEXO and earn interest with GORD

This token called PAXGOLD is linked to the price of gold , and it seems that there is a service that can be exchanged for actual gold in the United States and other countries.

With this PAX GOLD and NEXO, you can get a dividend just by depositing it.

In other words, you can manage your money and increase your money.

Normally, the only way to buy gold is to store it, but this PAX GOLD is a digital asset, so it is easy to carry and it can be operated as I wrote earlier, so it is a good deal.

Gold will become more important in the future, and we can expect price increases, so I think it is a very attractive service to be able to manage it with compound interest.

Also, with NEXO, you can get dividends with NEXO tokens instead of PAX GOLD.

If you get it with NEXO token, you can get 2% more dividend.

I try to get the PAX GOLD dividends I have deposited with NEXO tokens.



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