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If Bitcoin payments become the norm, the era of mass consumption will come to an end.

Many bitcoin holders are expecting not only an increase in the value of bitcoin, but also an increase in the number of places where bitcoin can be used.

In fact, more and more companies outside of Japan are beginning to accept bitcoin payments.

But at the same time, some of you may be thinking about bitcoin payments, "When should I use it?

Bitcoin will not be at its current price in the long run, considering the future increase in value due to scarcity.

If that happens, spending now is honestly not a good deal.

Unless you are a blogger or YouTuber who rides the buzz or whose only income comes from bitcoin....

To begin with, bitcoin itself is a rare commodity with a cap on its issuance.

If you use it for payment, you don't want to use it for payment unless it is worth more than that bitcoin (something you really want), right?

Therefore, if bitcoins are used for payment, buyers will look at products carefully and buy only high-quality and necessary items.

We are now in an age of mass consumption and an overabundance of goods. If Bitcoin, the currency used for transactions, becomes scarce, I believe that mass consumption will come to an end.



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